About Mark



I live in Des Moines, Iowa and mostly take pictures of my friends (and friends of friends) who play music. I primarily work in Nashville and LA. I'm available anywhere.

Band/Musician List:

Joshua James, Gregory Alan Isakov, Okey Dokey, Christian Lee Hutson, Watchhouse/Mandolin Orange, Liz Cooper, Leah Blevins, The Wild Reeds, Blank Range, Rayland Baxter, Rogue Wave, Grady Strange, The Lonely Biscuits, Logan Ledger, The Watson Twins, Katie Schecter, Matt Costa, Nick Bockrath of Cage the Elephant, Reptaliens, Valley Queen, Meegan Closner of Joseph, Molly Parden, Jeffrey Martin, Andrea Von Kampen, Bryan John Appleby, June West, Ian Ferguson, Coco Reilly, Sad Penny

Let's take some pictures...

Going on tour?  Heading to the studio? Just want to look rad in your promo material?

Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates/scheduling.

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